Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Selection of Web Site Domain

When you start planning of doing a business by internet, a thing which you think about is your web site domain name. Before choosing a domain name you should consider the followings:

1.       Who would be your target viewers?
2.       What you intend to sell to them. Is it a tangible item or just text content?

It is seen that many people think it is important to have keywords in a domain. Yes, Keywords in the domain name are usually important, but it usually can be done while keeping the domain name short, memorable, and free of hyphens.

It seems to me that using keywords in your domain name give you a strong competitive advantage over your competitors. Having your keywords in your domain name can increase click through rates on search engine listings and paid ads as well as make it easier to using your keywords in getting keyword rich descriptive inbound links.

One thing you remind that avoid buying long, and confusing domain names. May people separate the words in their domain names using either dashes or hyphen. In the past the domain name itself was a significant ranking factor but now search engines have advanced it is not very significant factor anymore.
It is wise to keep two to three words in your domain name it will be more memorable. Some of the most memorable websites do a great job of branding by creating their own word. Few examples are eBay, Yahoo!, Expedia, Slashdot, Google...

Lastly, think yourself to answer for the following questions:
1.       For what reason you want to build your website? Why should people come to buy off your site and not from other Site? What makes you different from others?
2.       Who are your target viewers and what you intend to sell to them?
3.       List 6- 10 websites which you thing, they are they amazing. Now think why are they amazing?
4.       Create 6 different domain names. Make at least 1 of them funny. Tell them to dozen people and see which ones are the most memorable. You will get more honest feedback if the people do not know you well.
5.       Buy your domain name which is more memorable/catchy, and appropriate to your business.

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