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Firstly,I was really disappointed for not getting my money which I sent to my bank by skrill. I waited much even a month. I have posted enough to their forum for helping me and also I sent some emails regarding missing money. First they replied once later they did not.
I read enough topics relating money missing of different blogs and forums. Surprisingly, I found same problem of lots of account holder of skrill.
Thanks to them, I found a solution and my problem is solved. Now I am telling what my problem was and how to get a solution. I think you all will gain some tips and solution whenever if you will face such kind of problem.
And Many thanks to Skrill team to refund my money. Truly speaking it was my fault of missing money not Skrill.
My problem:
I sent some dollar to my bank but 30 days passed. Many times I visited my bank but they informed me not to receive any from Skrill. I saw skrill deducted processing fee from my account and given a transaction Id.
Firstly, I sent a mail to skrill relating missing money. They replied me to delete my father name from skrill account. Because during creation my account I updated my father name to my mailing address (c/o : Abdul Hasan)

I am astonished why to delete my father name. Now I realized that processing department might be confused to send money because they found 2 names. I updated again my mailing address and informed the same to skrill.
Later they replied due to our correspondence late, they are unable to send money right now and they would be rescheduled and informed me the same later.
In the mean time, I searched many blogs/forums and looked for a solution. I found a topics, clearly written “Please send a emails to include Official Compalin to you subject header and write your details to mail body and tweets this short message to twitter and facebook”
I did the same things and they replied me like that “Your bank cancelled this money, after locating we will update you soon”
Two days later, they replied me again “ Your money has been sent to your bank, 2 or 5 working day it will be available “
Cheers !!!! I found my money and many thanks to Skrill team.

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